Let’s Talk With Jacky Bam Bam

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Let's Talk About Rock
Let's Talk With Jacky Bam Bam

On Episode 49, of the Let’s Talk About Rock podcast, Vinnie interviews rock radio personality Jacky Bam Bam, the nighttime host of Philadelphia’s legendary rock station, 93.3 WMMR. We talk about how he got his start as a DJ and playing drums in bands like Scarlet Fever and the Dogtown Balladeers, before eventually making his way to the radio airwaves at 94 WYSP, before moving to WMMR where he moved up from the overnight shift all the way up to the evening shift he has now. He tells it like it is! We even talk about his role in the annual Philadelphia Mummers Parade, accompanied by some very useful advice for the next generation of radio DJ’s.