Pam Oslie – Aura colors and Parallel Universes

Into the Dawn
Pam Oslie - Aura colors and Parallel Universes

Pam Oslie is the Founder of a site designed to help you create success, joy, and fulfillment in EVERY area of your life. She also, this site is designed to help you find love and friendships by matching you with people who have compatible aura colors.

Pam has written four successful and popular books, Life Colors, Love Colors, Infinite You, and Make Your Dreams Come True. Pam has spoken at the TEDx Talks, the International Forum on New Science, Fortune 500 companies, and many seminars for professionals in the psychology, education, health fields, and more.

Pam has appeared on The Dr. Oz Show, The View, The Ricki Lake Show, and many other television and radio shows.

In this episode we discuss:

  • What are aura colors, how they work, and what they teach us about our purpose and relationships
  • How knowing your colors and loved ones can help you understand and grow deeper with the other
  • How quantum physics match where we are going as a species
  • What COVID is here to teach us and how something bigger is coming in the near future
  • Why getting quiet and going within will quicken this process we are all going through and the importance of not feeding into fear
  • Why the ego has limited perception and why we need to go inside to know truth and connect with our knowing 
  • What are parallel universes and how to use them to manifest what you want
  • How Pam used a parallel universe to attract the man she desired
  • How parents can empower their children


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