Part 1. Callie & Monique, Taken Hostage Series

This is the first of many episodes in the Callie and Monique, Taken hostage series. Where we will be focusing on what the married, South African couple went through while being 2 of the 21 hostages that were abducted by Abu Sayyaf rebels on 23 April 2000. An in depth look at the tragic events they and the rest of the hostages experienced during their time in captivity. Also a special shoutout to a True Crime Bones Patron, Debbie from the Right Shoe Podcast. You can also find her on Instagram @shopaholicdeb44 and website Please consider joining the Patreon if you would like to support this podcast and also get a special shoutout. Link is available down below or on truecrime.bones Instagram bio. Thank you so much for listening. Your host Marissa Bones

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