Part 4. Callie & Monique, Taken Hostage Series

In this episode, part 4 in the Callie and Monique, Taken Hostage series we will be discussing the arrival of the hostages on the island and what transpired afterwards. Stay tuned for more episodes on this case released every Monday. A special shoutout and thank you to crime author Gisela K from the Grizzly Books podcast for not only the intro but also being a True Crime Bones Patron. You can find her on Instagram @grizzly_books and I highly recommend checking out the Grizzly Books website for more information on not just the podcast but her published books as well. If you would like to become a Patron and support this podcast you can follow the link which is also available in the bio of my Instagram page @truecrime.bones Thank you so much for listening. Your host, Marissa Bones

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