Time Travel to Live Aid 1985 Part 2

Back to the 80s
Time Travel to Live Aid 1985 Part 2

Join us as we revisit the magic of Queen’s legendary set, witness the passion of U2’s performance on both sides of the Atlantic, and groove to the infectious beats of Madonna’s breakout moment. From Phil Collins’ transatlantic dash to Eric Clapton’s soulful rendition, every note and every riff will transport you back to that monumental day in July 1985.

But it’s not just about the music; we’ll also explore the behind-the-scenes stories, the humanitarian efforts, and the cultural impact of Live Aid. From Bob Geldof’s vision to the outpouring of global support, discover how this unprecedented event brought the world together for a cause greater than any single artist or band.So tune in, turn up the volume, and let’s continue our journey through time as we relive the magic of Live Aid 1985.

Don’t miss “Time Travel to Live Aid 1985 Part 2,” because this week, we’re taking you back to the heart of the ’80s like never before!

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