Back to the 80s

Hosted ByToscano & Chang

A radio show/podcast with an all-80s feel and all-80s cast, featuring 80s jocks and personalities. In these troubling times, let's go back to an era that—for many—is full of nostalgia and memories.

Los Angeles radio show hosts, Toscano & Chang bring the ’80s morning and afternoon radio show feel to podcasting.

Along with special guests, both from the entertainment industry of the ’80s and from beyond our realm, these two bring wacky skits and stories from their generation. Together they are introducing the ’80s to a whole new generation.


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Episode 18 – Favorite ’80s One-Hit Wonders & More

In episode 18 of Back to the ’80s, Toscano & Chang...

Back to the ’80s Extended Trailer

Do you want to really go back to the ’80s? Check...

Episode 17 – 1980s Time Line and Special Guest Aleida Romero

Episode 16 – Best of the ’80s Cover Bands

In episode 16 of Back to the ’80s, Toscano & Chang...

Episode 15 – All By Myself

Episode 15 of Back to the ’80s. Toscano is all alone...

Episode 14 – Things We Did In The ’80s, That Kids Will Never Experience

Episode 13 – More Mall Banter from the ’80s

Episode 13 of Back to the ’80s. Toscano & Chang finish...

Episode 12 – Remembering Malls & Other stuff in the ’80s

Episode 11 – Foodie talkin’ with Toscano & Chang & special guest, Bryce Mirtle from Show Us Your Taco