Kristin Knows Blank

Hosted ByKristin Key

Kristin Knows Blank is a part-talk-show, part-game-show podcast hosted by musical comedian Kristin Key. Each week, a comedic guest joins Kristin to chitchat, answer '5 Quick Questions,' and play a 'RAD-Lib.' Welcome to Kristin Knows Blank!

Each week, comedian Kristin Key invites a comedian and self-proclaimed expert to chitchat about their area of expertise, answer ‘5 Quick Questions,’ and play a ‘RaDLib’ written just for them.

Welcome to Kristin Knows Blank!

Content details: This show sometimes contains adult language/themes.

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Ep. 10 “Hey Kids, Look! A Deer” Talkin’ Christmas Vacation with Ben Key

Kristin’s brother, Ben, drops by the show to talk about his favorite family holiday movie, “Christmas Vacation”, play 5 Quick Questions, and do a Holiday themed RaDLib! 

Ep.9 “Holiday Traditions with ‘Mean’ Kellie”

“Mean” Kellie drops in today to talk about all her favorite holiday traditions, play 5 Quick Questions about Christmas carols, and rock around the RaD_LiB! 

Ep. 8 I’ve Got the Gender Fluids with Kelly Mantle

Kelly Mantle, seen on “Ru Pauls Drag Race”, drops by the show to chit chat about their area of expertise: the gender spectrum and 90s angsty girl bands. To determine if Kelly truly is an expert of Lilith Fair proportion Kelly must answer 5 Quick Question…

Ep. 7 Oh, the Horror! with Drew Droege

This week is all about Horror Movies! Kristin talks to Steve Smith about what it was like to be killed by Freddy Kruger in Nightmare on Elm St 2. Kristin also interviews Drew Droege (Bless Your Hearts, Drunk History, Bob’s Burgers) about his love of …

Ep. 6 Impressive Impressions with Justin Rupple

The voices of Dan Aykroyd, Barack Obama, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Eugene Levy (and more) join the show today thanks to comedian and impressionist Justin Rupple. As usual, we chit chat, play a game, and do a RAD_Lib! 

Ep. 5 Play it Cool, Weird Girl with Dan Gabriel

Kristin is joined by her BFF “Mean” Kellie to unravel the mysteries of celebrity obsession and comedian Dan Gabriel drops by to discuss his passion for Dave Matthews and to play a DMB inspired RAD_Lib. 

Ep. 4 How Many Porta Potties Per Acre? With Mary Mack

Comedian Mary Mack (Conan, Solar Opposites, and Golan the Insatiable)joins Kristin Key for a chit chat and a “Rad Lib” about rural life in America. 

BONUS VIDEOS Is My House Haunted? Kristin and Karen Mad Lib

BONUS! Watch Kristin and Karen create the “Is My House Haunted” Fill in the Blank “Mad Mondays” story from Ep. 3 of Kristin Knows Blank.

Ep. 3 Liam Neeson’s Ghost at the Foot of Karon Rontowski’s Bed

Comedian and ghost hunter Karen Rontowski normalizes the paranormal and talks all things “woo woo” in this hilarious Halloween episode with host Kristin Key.