The Smokin’ Hot Toddcast

Hosted ByHot Toddy

From interviews to sketch comedy, The Smokin' Hot Toddcast is a look at the world through the eyes of Hot Toddy and his Band of Merry Weridos!

The Smokin’ Hot Toddcast is what Saturday Night Live and The Tonight Show would be if they were podcasts. Host Hot Toddy and his friends love to come together to make people laugh through sketches, keep them entertained with engaging interviews, and keep them informed with interesting topics. The show has a wide range of style, but there’s definitely something for everyone.

Content details: This show sometimes contains adult language/themes.

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S7 E24: 6th Anniversary Special

6 YEARS BABY! This week we celebrate our 6th anni…

S7 E23 – LIVE: Building Plan 9

S7 E23 – LIVE: Building Plan 9 by Hot Toddy

S7 E22: Poetry and Tibs the Cat

Tibs the Cat has been busy lately, suuuuuuper bus…

S7 E21: What My Nose Knows…But Probably Not Anymore

S7 E20: From the Deck Episode 1

The details of this week’s episode are foreign to…

S7 E19 – LIVE Game Edition: Trial by Trolley

The Toddcast Team UNITES for another round of fun…

S7 E18: CP Dream Team UNITE! With Heaven and Richelle

S7 E17: Jackie’s Dirty Joke Machine

*TRIGGER WARNING* This week’s episode contains jo…

S7 E16: Michael Carbonaro Reappears

*POOF* one of the most brilliant magicians of all…