UFO Chronicles Podcast

Hosted ByNik Hunter

UFO Chronicles Podcast is a show featuring firsthand-witness encounters of the strange and unexplained. This is a wonderful podcast for anyone interested in anomalous experiences.

Nik has a way of creating a safe space, free of ego or pressure, that encourages people to share. Nik allows the telling to flow freely and uninterrupted.

The body of work that host Nik Hunter has built can inform, in a way that can't be quantified, anyone with a real interest in contact. It speaks to one of the central and often-overlooked points of our collective experiences.

Firsthand-witness encounters of the strange and unexplained, hosted and produced by Nik Hunter.

The podcast is in its third year and has listeners in over 140 countries.  UFO Chronicles Podcast covers such topics as UFOs, the paranormal, conspiracies, cryptids, the occult, the esoteric, cults, and secret projects.  New episodes released every Sunday!

Have you had an unusual experience?  And you would like to share your experience on UFO Chronicles Podcast?  E-mail Nik: ufochronicles@gmail.com

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One of the best podcasts on the topic!
it’s very refreshing to listen to a podcast that is not an opinion piece by the host. Very well done! The host allows the guest to tell their story without interruption, judgment, or criticism. Definitely one of the best podcast I’ve listened to on this topic.

Nik And His Show Are Out Of This World!!!
I stumbled across this podcast when I was looking for something different and substantial. Nik has created a professional show that will keep you on the edge of your pillow waiting for the next Podcast episode. The series music is unique and sticks in your brain throughout the day while Nik’s soothing voice calms you down and keeps you interested in the show. You won’t be disappointed at all! Enjoy the show!

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Ep:6 Be Quiet And It’ll Go Away


Our guest this episode is Jordan and he comes to us from North Carolina, he’s going to be talking about a strange sighting he and his wife had a few years ago while they were both traveling home late one night. Jordan also has some…

Ep:5 Kevin Estrella

Our guest today is Kevin Estrella and is the guitarist and composer of the instrumental rock band Pyramids on Mars, he is an experiencer and is going to share his encounter with an inter-dimensional craft and his connection with Sandia…

EP:4 Will And The ECETI Ranch


Our guest tonight is Will and he talks about his experiences at the ECETI Ranch at Trout Lake. WA 

Will’s Channel:
ECETI YouTube Channel:…

EP:3 Naomi Experiencer


Our guest today is Naomi a life long experiencer and she is going to be sharing her encounters and putting a more positive vibe on the abduction phenomenon.


Want to share…

Ep:2 Gary McKinnon


Gary Mckinnon is a Scottish systems administrator and hacker who was accused in 2002 of perpetrating the “biggest military computer hack of all time,” although Gary himself states that he was merely looking for evidence of free energy…

Ep:1 Tarita And The Star People


Tarita is a Native American and she joins UFO Chronicles Podcast’s first episode to share her knowledge and experiences of the Star Nations. 

Want to share your encounter on the show?
Shoot me an email: UFOChronicles@gmail.com


URGENT ANNOUNCEMENT: Calling all humans and non-human beings

Have you had an unusual experience? And you would like to talk about your experiences on our Podcast🎙UFOS, Paranormal, Conspiracies, Cryptids, Occult, Esoteric, Cults, Secret projects, if it’s strange it’s covered. You can drop me an email at:…