UFO Chronicles Podcast

Hosted ByNik Hunter

UFO Chronicles Podcast is a show featuring firsthand-witness encounters of the strange and unexplained. This is a wonderful podcast for anyone interested in anomalous experiences.

Nik has a way of creating a safe space, free of ego or pressure, that encourages people to share. Nik allows the telling to flow freely and uninterrupted.

The body of work that host Nik Hunter has built can inform, in a way that can't be quantified, anyone with a real interest in contact. It speaks to one of the central and often-overlooked points of our collective experiences.

Firsthand-witness encounters of the strange and unexplained, hosted and produced by Nik Hunter.

The podcast is in its third year and has listeners in over 140 countries.  UFO Chronicles Podcast covers such topics as UFOs, the paranormal, conspiracies, cryptids, the occult, the esoteric, cults, and secret projects.  New episodes released every Sunday!

Have you had an unusual experience?  And you would like to share your experience on UFO Chronicles Podcast?  E-mail Nik: ufochronicles@gmail.com

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One of the best podcasts on the topic!
it’s very refreshing to listen to a podcast that is not an opinion piece by the host. Very well done! The host allows the guest to tell their story without interruption, judgment, or criticism. Definitely one of the best podcast I’ve listened to on this topic.

Nik And His Show Are Out Of This World!!!
I stumbled across this podcast when I was looking for something different and substantial. Nik has created a professional show that will keep you on the edge of your pillow waiting for the next Podcast episode. The series music is unique and sticks in your brain throughout the day while Nik’s soothing voice calms you down and keeps you interested in the show. You won’t be disappointed at all! Enjoy the show!

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Ep.76 The UFO And The Mutant

Episode: 76

This episode we are joined by Jeff from Detroit Michigan, with three encounters first of a triangular object hovering above a house that was witnessed by Jeff when he was a child and his Mother. The second encounter is of ‘something very…

Ep.75 A Second Chance

Episode: 75

Tonight episode we have Daniel from San Francisco, and he will be sharing a near-death experience that was the result of an addition, and the changes he made mentally and physically after being given a second chance.

More information on…

Ep.74 Lower Alloways Creek UFO Incident

Episode: 74

We are joined by Robert Earl White from New Jersey with an account of a triangle-shaped craft that crashed and was witnessed by his Mother on their property in 1991, a visit from the Men in Black and the cover-up that followed.


Ep.73 Texas UFO

Episode: 73

This episode we are joined by Cameron from Texas, and he will be sharing a UFO encounter during a hunting trip in January 2014 then a paranormal experience from this year.

More information on this episode on the podcast website:…

Ep.72 Something In The Air

Episode: 72

Our first guest is Kellie from the state of Georgia, with a sighting of a very large triangle-shaped object that passed over her car and that left her wondering if there is a connection with the paranormal activity in her house that…

Ep.71 Not My Time

Episode: 71

This episode we are joined by Dale from Las Vegas and his remarkable account of a near-death experience. In 2004 while working as a truck mechanic, a sinkhole opened up causing the 60,000 lb semitrailer that he was beneath to collapsed…

Ep.70 The Phantom Car

Episode: 70

Our guest this episode is Owen from Philadelphia, and as long as he can remember has had paranormal and overall bizarre things happen to him. This story is one that has always stuck out with him. When he was 17 years old, himself…

Ep.69 Fire In The Sky

Episode: 69

Mike Heston Rogers joins us tonight, host of The Realist on KGRA and witness to the Travis Walton incident and the Phoenix Lights of 1997. He will be sharing what he saw and experienced with both events and about his interest in…

Ep.68 The Berkshire UFO

Episode: 68

Tonight’s guest is Tom Warner from Massachusetts, and Tom will be sharing what happened to him on the evening of the 1st September 1969 in Berkshire County, Massachusetts. The UFO sighting had multiple witnesses that reported seeing…