Urantia Radio Podcast

Hosted ByJim Watkins

A podcast about the many different fascinating topics contained in the Urantia Book.

In man’s long history there have been periodic revelations of truth given to the human race to help man along the evolutionary path to enlightenment.

Much like getting a periodic software upgrade so that we can have better efficiency, these revelations come from the spiritual world, from the sources of truth itself in order to upgrade our thinking so as to improve our understanding of spiritual concepts.

The Urantia Radio Podcast explores the writings of the latest epochal revelation, The Urantia Book, packed with a literal narrative of time itself.

We cover science, philosophy, history, religion, true spirituality, Jesus’ teachings, the teachings of many great spiritual leaders, anthropology, social evolution and so much more.

Host Jim Watkins has studied and written about the Urantia Book for 30 years. There is so much to explore.

It was the plan of the Revelators of the Urantia papers to share with us the truth about our origins, our purpose and our destiny. This podcast is dedicated to that mission.

Jim produces one or sometimes several podcasts per week. Check back often.

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