Series: Back to the 80s

A radio show/podcast with an all-80s feel and all-80s cast, featuring 80s jocks and personalities. In these troubling times, let’s go back to an era that—for many—is full of nostalgia and memories.

Things That Sucked In The ’80s

Today, Toscano & Chang talk about the things that people think sucked back in the ’80s. We definitely need two parts for this show! Tune in next week for part two!

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The Music Industry Rant

Today on Back to the ’80s radio, Toscano & Chang go off on the music industry, in particular, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame! Special guest today is, Victor Levine of ForceField Studios in Los Angeles. Victor is, among other things, a music business insider – studio manager, personal manager, music supervisor, producer, engineer,…

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Remember the TV Shows?

In this episode of Back to the 80s radio, Toscano & Chang remember the TV shows of the 80s that made them laugh and cringe! Today’s special guest is Scott Ryan, managing editor of The Blue Rose Magazine and the author ofthirtysomething at thirty: an oral historyandThe Last Days of Letterman. He also wrote about…

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Part 2 of Video Rentals in the ’80s

Toscano and Chang talk about the awesome experiences of renting videos. Awesome times!

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Movie Rentals and More

Toscano and Chang talk about the experiences they had in the 80s renting videos from local shops and the big boys! Join us for some nostalgia from the decade that brought so much to so many!

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Back to the ’80s Radio 1:00 minute announcement

Final Stop on the Rock and Roll Cruise of the 80s

In part 4 of the rock and roll cruise, Toscano and Chang talk about the lighter side of rock. Have some laughs with us and listen to Back to the’80s radio!

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Rock & and Roll ’80s Cruise Part 3

In episode 3 of rock and metal, Toscano & Chang discuss the rock and roll scene in the 1980s. Come on and have some laughs with us.

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Metal vs Hair Metal

In this episode of Back to the 80s radio, Toscano & Chang talk about the bands that made Metal and hair-metal history. Special guest music by, Jon Cells. Thanks to Kathryn Levine, Creative Director at Force Field Studios.

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Metal Mania in the ’80s Part 1

Today we are embarking on a 3-episode cruise with the bands that put the word METAL in Heavy Metal! Stay tuned because we have two special guests later in the show, Mike Davis of Lizzy Borden, Halford, and Dramarama and Shannon “Shan-Man” Hernandez, on-air personality at 98-KUPD FM in Phoenix. So, don’t miss them as…

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