Series: RelationSHIFT

RelationSHIFT is a podcast about how relationships change over time. Each episode explores a different relationship dynamic and the story behind it.

5: SHIFT Talking – Home

Introducing SHIFT Talking! Every fifth episode Bo & Emma will “shoot the shift” on a topic (chosen by them or the audience) in a mini-episode format.  Today's topic is our definition and perspective on “Home”. As people who have left their place of birth, lived together, and navigated living alone in a pandemic, we find…

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4: Mina’s Story – Food

On this weeks episode of RelationSHIFT we chat with Mina Roukbi (Intuitive Eating Counselor/Eating Disorder/NASM,CPT,RYT Certified Instructor), about her relationship with food, living with an eating disorder, and her #ICON status here in Washington, DC. During this conversation we discuss the continual journey with food, disordered eating, and many more topics surrounding body neutrality.  *Trigger…

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3: Caren & Frank’s Story – Sex

On this week's episode of RelationSHIFT we chat with Caren & Frank, co-host's of the “Talk Normal to Me” Podcast, about their relationship with sex. Specifically, their evolution with normalizing sex-related conversations in their personal lives. During this episode we discuss the continual evolution of sexual expression, the way family/friendships impact your vulnerability in talking…

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2: Jane’s Story – Music

On this week's episode of RelationSHIFT we chat with Jane Mangini (Professional musician/composer/producer, member of the Trans Siberian Orchestra (TSO), and Rock'n'Roll Icon) about her relationship with music. During this episode Jane shares how music remained a constant source of positivity in her life, how it can be tricky when your passion/career become intertwined, and…

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1: Our Story

This inaugural episode of RelationSHIFT shares the story of how our podcast came to be. More importantly the relationship between us, co-host's Bo & Emma. We have played a few different roles in each others lives (friends, ex's, and now chosen family). Through our constant change we've always been a consistent source of support, levity,…

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Trailer – RelationSHIFT

Welcome to RelationSHIFT a podcast about how relationships change over time and how integral your community is in shaping your journey. Guided by your hosts, Bo & Emma. We went from acquaintances to lovers, ex’s, to best friends and chosen family. Each episode we explore a different relationship dynamic through experiences with love, food, sex,…

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