Kristin Knows Blank

Hosted ByKristin Key

Kristin Knows Blank is a part-talk-show, part-game-show podcast hosted by musical comedian Kristin Key.

Each week, comedian Kristin Key invites a comedian and self-proclaimed expert to chitchat about their area of expertise, answer “5 Quick Questions,” and play a “RaDLib” written just for them.

Welcome to Kristin Knows Blank!

Content details: This show sometimes contains adult language/themes.

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Ep. 41 “Going Back to the Future”

Comedian Rob Ryan is a BACK TO THE FUTURE mega fan with a fascinating insight into the differences between Marvel time travel and Back to the Future time travel and will fight anyone who says otherwise!
Rob Ryan is a hilarious NYC comedian who regularly …

Ep. 41 "Going Back to the Future"

Ep. 40 “Self Lovin” with Michael Malone

Michael Malone has been featured on the second season of Showtime’s drama series,  “I’m Dying Up Here.” Multiple episodes of Comedy Central’s “Bad Ass Bittches of History.” “Punchlines” on Fox television, the Bob and Tom Show, XM Radio, 24/7 Comedy Radio…

Ep. 40 "Self Lovin" with Michael Malone

Ep. 39 “Throwing Axes with the Kiddos” with Josh Blue

Josh Blue is the WINNER of Last Comic Standing Season 4, he has multiple specials on Amazon Prime, and can be seen RIGHT NOW on the 2021 season of America’s Got Talent.
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Ep. 39 "Throwing Axes with the Kiddos" with Josh Blue

Ep. 38 “Hearts and Farts” with Jodi White

Jodi White is a nationally touring comedian seen on Nashville Live and the web series “We are the Jones'” Her and her comedian husband opened a comedy t-shirt business www.comedycoupleteez 
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Ep. 38 "Hearts and Farts" with Jodi White

Ep. 37 “Raanan Loves to Hate Movies” withRaanan Hershberg

RAANAN HERSHBERG is a hilarious comedian seen on the James Cordon show and Comedy Central. Listen to his podcast JOE AND RAANAN TALK MOVIES.
RAANAN talks about his LOVE of movies, we play 5 Quick Questions about OSCAR WINS, and play a MOVIE themed RADLIB…

Ep. 37 "Raanan Loves to Hate Movies" withRaanan Hershberg

Ep: 36 “Star Trek: I Can’t Resist the Borg”

From Flex and Shanice, the hilarious comedian BROOKLYN JONES joins the this week’s podcast to talk STAR TREK! Enjoy BROOKLYN’s chit chat about VOYAGER, NG, and her love of the BORG, 5 Quick Questions “Klingon or Kardashians”, and a RadLib that boldly goe…

Ep: 36 "Star Trek: I Can't Resist the Borg"

Ep. 35 “Horny for Hamlet” with LEEDY CORBIN

Most recognized for her “Leedy Doodles” on Steve Hofstetter’s Social Distancing Social Club, artist Leedy Corbin joins the show to chit chat about Hamlet, answer 5 Quick Questions, and play a RadLib!
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Ep. 35 "Horny for Hamlet" with LEEDY CORBIN

Ep. 34 “A Batman in Sears and a Black Panther in Vegas” with heath Harmison

Comedian and TIK TOK sensation HEATH HARMISON joins host Kristin Key to talk SUPERHERO MOVIES, answer 5 Quick Questions, and play a RADLIB

Ep. 34 "A Batman in Sears and a Black Panther in Vegas" with heath Harmison

Ep. 33 “Comedian Rescues Princess Zelda!” with Johnny Beehner

This week’s guest, Johnny Beenher has been seen on Letterman, has a special on Dry Bar, and is a host of The Cavalry Podcast. He joins host Kristin Key to discuss his love of ZELDA, answer 5 quick questions, and play a RadLib.
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Ep. 33 "Comedian Rescues Princess Zelda!" with Johnny Beehner