Kristin Knows Blank

Hosted ByKristin Key

Kristin Knows Blank is a part-talk-show, part-game-show podcast hosted by musical comedian Kristin Key. Each week, a comedic guest joins Kristin to chitchat, answer '5 Quick Questions,' and play a 'RAD-Lib.' Welcome to Kristin Knows Blank!

Each week, comedian Kristin Key invites a comedian and self-proclaimed expert to chitchat about their area of expertise, answer ‘5 Quick Questions,’ and play a ‘RaDLib’ written just for them.

Welcome to Kristin Knows Blank!

Content details: This show sometimes contains adult language/themes.

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Ep 20. “8 Years Worth of Cascade” with Suzanne Westenhoefer

Comedian Suzanne Westenhoefer joins the show to talk about OCD, cleaning, and taking advantage of a GOOD DEAL before playing 5 Quick Questions and  cleaning themed RadLib.

Ep. 18 Deep Diving the Adam’s Family with Daniel Web

Comedian, actor, and Adam’s Family expert Daniel Webb joins the podcast for a chit chat, 5 Quick Questions, and an Adam’s Family themed RadLib! 

Ep. 17 “Love and Socks: Finding Your Match” with Chris Bowers

Comedian, host of the podcasts “SDSC” and “Origin Stories”, and self proclaimed relationship expert Chris Bowers joins Kristin to talk about Love, answer 5 quick questions, and play a relationship themed RadLib!

Ep. 16 Two Star Wars Nerds with Matt Shore

Musical Comedian and Star Wars Expert, Matt Shore, drops in for a chat, some trivia, and an EPIC RadLib! 

Ep. 15 “Balls Before Barbies” with Erin Foley

Comedian, writer,  and SPORTS EXPERT Erin Foley (host of Sports without Balls Podcast) joins the show to talk about her love of sports, answer 5 Quick “Ladies of Sports” Questions and play a sports themed RadLib! 

Ep. 14 Which Golden Girl are You? with Bruce Daniels

In honor of Betty White’s Birthday, Comedian, actor, and Golden Girls expert Bruce Daniels sits down to dish Golden Girls episodes, answer some trivia, and play a GG themed RadLib. 

Ep 13. Yard Sale 101 with Leah Bonnema

Comedian, writer, and a yard sale expert Leah Bonnema joins KNB to talk Yard Sales, put her knowledge to the test with 5 Quick Questions, and play a Yard Sale themed RadLib!

Ep. 12 “CONVERSEations with a Sneakerhead” with AlvinWilliams

Comedian Alvin Williams (Special on Amazon Prime, host of ‘Things I Don’t Hate’ Podcast), talks to host Kristin Key about his love of sneakers, answers 5 quick shoe related questions, and played a footwear themed RaDLib! 

Ep. 11 Holding Hams with Debi Gutierrez

Comedian, actress, and podcast host Debi Gutierrez talks Christmas treats and taking back the Holidays in the year of Pandemic.