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Str8Up Show is a social yet informative show that discusses the issues you think about but won't hear about in most media.

Hosts Calvin, Brandon, Kristina, and Lee chat with guests from various communities to discuss the issues you often think about but rarely hear discussed. There’s only ONE rule when it comes this show: you gotta be… Str8Up!

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Music Monday- Natalie Orfilia

On the first Music Monday of Season 4, we hang out with the beautiful and soulful Natalie Orfilia. Natalie sits down with us to talk about how she started her music career, her singing style and her future music projects.

She then performs her hit single, “Nothing.”

Natalie Orfilia’s social media:

Remember The Name: Edward Williams III

You’ve seen him in the commercials, TV shows and movies, but Edward Williams III is a name that many of you will soon remember. We talk to the multi-talented actor about how he landed unforgettable roles like Travis Capone on HBO Max/Comedy Central’s South Side.

E3 then talks about how he’s giving back to those looking to follow in his footsteps and tells us about his upcoming projects now that he’s quickly picking up steam in Hollywood.

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Actor Coaching:

The G.O.A.T. Cereal Tournament

When it comes to cereal, which do you consider as the Greatest of All Time? What’s your flavor, cinnamon, chocolate, fruity or whole grain? Tune in as our STR8UP crew makes their compelling arguments. Who will win? We promise you that the ending will shock you!

COVID-19 Impact: Vaccinated…Now What?

To mask or not to mask? It’s a question so many are asking after a new guideline from the CDC that gives fully vaccinated Americans the go ahead to shed masks in most situations. But should those fully vaccinated still worry about covid-19. Does being vaccinated mean we can go back to live a normal life? What about those who are tossing their mask even though they aren’t vaccinated

On our Season 4 premiere , we talk to Yvette McQueen, MD about what it means to be vaccinated and the precautions on returning to a sense of normalcy Dr. McQueen then gives us healthy travel tips now that summer is quickly approaching.

Order “Travel 911: A Health Guide for Adventurers”

Yvette McQueen, MD Social Media:

IG: @drtravel911

Str8Up: One Year Later (Season 3 Finale)

April 8th, 2020, we brought the world of Str8Up from television to the podcast world. One year later, downloads in over 30 countries, our podcast has made a major impact.

In this very special jam packed episode, we go over our Top 10 most downloaded episodes, special shout outs from former guests & listeners AND a surprise celebrity guest!

Thank you for the phenomenal year of support!

Music Monday- Tea Belle

She’s a singer, actress and an award winning song writer….she’s Tea Belle (Tea Wagner).

We talk to the Austrian singer about her passion for writing songs for K-Pop artists and her unique style as being a music artist herself.

Tea then debuts her news single “Virtual Clouds.”

Tea Belle Social Media:

IG: @tea.belle
Spotify: Tea Belle

The Lost Art

In today’s world it seems the best way to express yourself is being creative on social media via Instagram, Twitter or Tik Tok. It’s almost rare to see people truly & respect value real creative artistry.

On this episode, we talk to artist Jen Horan of Jen’s Coloring Book and Author/Poet Tiffany Lee Pennywell about how they use their style of art to express themselves and if they think true artistry is lost in today’s society.

Tiffany then reads us one of her classic poems! Tune in tomorrow!

Tiffany’s Social Media

IG: @authortiffanypennywell
FB: @Tiffany Pennywell
Twitter: @authorpennywell

Jennifer’s Social Media
FB: @Jen’s Coloring Book

Music Monday (Africa) – Patty Bridge

Before we wrap up our tour in Africa, we decided to interview some of their local talent. For this Music Monday, we introduce Nigerian guitarist-singer-song writer Patty Bridge.

Tune in as Patty Bridge talks to us about his style of music, musical influences and why most of the world is now turning to Africa when it comes to producing their music. Patty then debuts his newest single!

YouTube: Patty Bridge
Twitter: @bridge_patty
IG: @patty_briidge
FB: Anokwuru Chibuzo Patrick

Coming to Africa

Zamunda & Wakanda are fictitious African countries created by Hollywood but both display Africans in a way the world rarely gets to see.

On this episode, the Str8Up crew “travels” to the extraordinary continent of Africa to speak to natives about the global misconceptions, relationships with African Americans and what makes Africa so great!

Twitter: @noble4u2c
Facebook: @noble4u2c
IG: @noble4u2c

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Patty Bridge
Twitter: @bridge_patty

IG: @patty_briidge