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Nicole Sandler's daily fix of the latest news and fascinating guests with a healthy dose of snark and humor.

The Nicole Sandler Show is probably one of the longest-running online shows. Nicole Sandler moved to the internet from Air America Radio the night the network went off the air in January of 2010.

The show is a mix of news, conversations with guests, plus opinions and occasional rants, calls from listeners and a healthy dose of humor and snark.

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Content details: This show sometimes contains adult language/themes.

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20210518 Nicole Sandler Show -Gates-Gaetz-Gate and Other Appalling People

Terrible people are dominating today’s news. Matt Gaetz’s literal partner in...

5-18-21 What’s News

20210517 Nicole Sandler Show – Got Them Old Monday Blues Again

5-17-21 What’s News

20210514 Nicole Sandler Show – History Repeats with Daniel James Brown and Overtime with Rick Allen

5-14-21 What’s News

20210513 Nicole Sandler Show – Thursdays with Howie Klein- If Vaccinated, No Mask Required

5-13-21 What’s News

20210512 Nicole Sandler Show –

Nicole welcomes John M. Barry back the show a year after...