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Legally Balanced

Ari Alvarez is a diverse partner at an AMLAW 100 firm and a certified career coach. She is passionate about helping diverse attorneys reach the next level in their careers. In the Legally Balanced Podcast, Ari will provide practical, bite-sized nuggets of career development, business development and related advice, in order to give diverse lawyers…

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Think About This

I’m Leslie Morgan, the host of ‘Think About This’ – a podcast that explores different sides and viewpoints of things we feel, see, hear and experience in our everyday lives. I’ll discuss relatable topics of the human experience and beyond. The possibilities are endless. I’m not an expert, but I love to figure out new…

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Small Bite Keto

I’m Susie, and I’m all about keeping keto simple! At its simplest form, the keto diet means eating high enough fat, moderate protein, and low enough carbs that your body switches its primary fuel source from carbs (sugar) to ketones (made from fat). That’s it. Yes, there are many ways to do the keto diet,…

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