Very Happy Stories

Hosted ByLiza Blas

Liza Blas is a storyteller who is raising two unique kids, both struggling with severe mental illness and Lyme disease. While her life stories are rooted in challenging topics, Liza brings light out of darkness, providing empathy, validation, and inspiration to parents with similar struggles.

Liza Blas brings hope, power, and freedom to her audience. Liza’s stories are inspired by her experiences raising two very unique kids, both suffering from conditions like depression, anxiety, eating disorders, hallucinations, ADHD, and OCD. Just when she thought life couldn’t get any harder, the universe dropped a big ole’ lemon on their family when both kids were diagnosed with Lyme disease.

To survive her darkest days, she wrote it all down. She was amazed to discover that her stories are more about gratitude than grievance. She wants to share these very happy stories to help her audience feel empowered, motivated and inspired.

Every episode of Very Happy Stories is born out of Liza’s ability to find a gem in a difficult situation, to work through a struggle with her children, reflect on the story, and learn something that she can share that provides her audience with a sense of community, validation, and hope.

Liza’s ability to string together an interesting story, to communicate a message, and to grab an audience’s attention make Very Happy Stories possible. Her voice is engaging and pleasant, which is imperative for a podcast host. When Liza says, “And the story goes something like this,” her audience is hooked.

Like all good stories, Very Happy Stories are led with conflict, intrigue, and characters you fall in love with. Very Happy Stories make you think and feel, and they always end with an insight that brings inspiration and support: your happy ending.

Content details: Some topics include adult themes such as suicidal ideation and hallucinations. On rare occasions, some adult language may be used (such as curse words).

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29. How Cancer Transformed the Health Coach from People Pleaser to Peacemaker

Some people devote their lives to living healthy. That was the case for Liza’s guest, Deborah Herlax Enos. Deborah is a certified nutritionist and has been in the healthcare industry for over 30 years, so she was the last person you’d expect to be…

28. Unlocking Lyme and Healing from Illness with Dr. Bill Rawls

In this episode, Liza interviews Dr. Bill Rawls, a leading expert in Lyme disease, integrative health, and herbal medicine. In the middle of his successful medical career, Dr. Rawls’ life was interrupted by Lyme disease. As he struggled to overcome…

27. Can We Spark Happiness through Purpose?

Do we have a false sense of what happiness is? The world is full of people seeking happiness. But what makes us happy enough? How do we determine what will make us happy and fulfilled? In this episode, Liza unpacks these questions with Aleta Norris,…

26. The Roadmap to Healing Our Children

Do you ever question the health of your child? Maybe something is just not right, but you aren’t getting the answers you need. Today’s guest is Maria Rickert Hong, former Wall Street analyst turned Certified Holistic Health Counselor and author of…

25. Life’s Not Easy, But It Doesn’t Need To Feel So Hard

Do you ever wish life could flow seamlessly and not be so hard? In this episode, Liza invites spiritual practitioner, Beth Gordon, to share her story of empowerment. The beauty of Beth’s story is, it revolves around a very relatable moment of stress…

24. The Autistic Supermom – A Story of Gratitude, Attitude and Confidence

In this episode, Liza interviews Ife Thomas, motivational speaker and the author of “Powerlift Your Career: Everything You Need To Succeed.” Ife is also a mental health advocate and founder of MindWorkOut, a company helping to improve wellbeing….

23. How the Heck Is Everyone Else So Dang Happy?

Have you ever questioned your own happiness and wondered, “How the heck is everyone else so dang happy?” If so, you are not alone. Today’s guest is Penny Williams, founder of , host of the Parenting ADHD Podcast, and award-winning author of four…

22. Winning The Battle by Learning How To Feel

In this episode, Liza is getting back to basics with Crystal Waltman – athlete, speaker, and the author of “Quitting to Win,” the number one health book of the year. Crystal shares her story of how she overcame a serious disease – alcoholism….

21. Healing the Beautifully Broken Body

Have you ever felt broken? Physically, emotionally or spiritually? In this episode, Liza interviews Freddie Kimmel, the proud survivor of metastatic cancer, Lyme disease, and mold. Freddie shares his personal story of how he healed his body after a…